About Us

We are a State Licensed underground and overhead Utility Contractor. We have been serving companies and individuals in Florida since 1983.

Our mission is to provide fairly priced, quality oriented services, to our clients. Our company was formed in 1983 as a low voltage communications contractor providing services to local Cable TV companies. Since that time we have broadened our company to assist Developers, Electricians, individual home owners, and many more, with the placement of underground conduit and low voltage wiring.

Our area of service is Florida East Coast from Sebastian to Miami and Florida West Coast from Sarasota to Naples.

Services We Provide

  • Underground Directional Boring
  • Impact Tool Boring
  • Hand Trenching
  • Overhead Cable & Fiber Placement
  • Cable/Fiber Optic Pulling and Placement
  • Coaxial Cable Splicing & Testing
  • Fiber Optic Splicing and Testing
  • Commercial and Multi-Unit
  • Building cable placement

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